Salesforce CPQ

CPQ software is a sales tool that enables businesses to quickly and accurately define product prices, taking into account many variables, costs, competition, and economic pricing to provide the best possible price.

CPQ ease the process of navigating price quotes through availability and options.

CloudsR Technology Offers – (Design with icons)

  1. CPQ Audit
  2. CPQ Implementation
  3. Hire CPQ Expert


Salesforce CPQ features – (Design with icons)

  1. Select & Configure
  2. Price & Quote
  3. Propose & Contract
  4. Order & Renew
  5. Bill & Collect
  6. Subscription billings


CloudsR Technology customizes work with deep knowledge and expertise to help you manage time and revenue with your Salesforce CPQ implementation.

Our Implementation Process – (Design with icons)

  1. Requirements Analysis
  2. Configuration
  3. Implementation
  4. Data Migration
  5. Go-Live
  6. Post CPQ Implementation Support

CloudsR Technology’s experts have a proven track record of successfully implementing Salesforce CPQ and helping companies increase revenue and productivity. In addition, we help you deliver the best Salesforce CPQ service to meet your business needs and exceed expectations.

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Marketing Cloud

Hyper-personalized experiences and value-adding for eCommerce

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, designed for managing several digital marketing initiatives, is the ideal option for marketers. It has everything a marketer needs, including a campaign channel management interface, straightforward analytics capabilities, and fantastic CRM tools.

CloudsR Technology engage your customers through multiple channels to drive business process.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables marketing automation, social media marketing, digital advertising tool, marketing intelligence that support your need for multichannel customer engagement.

Our capabilities with Salesforce Marketing Cloud include implementation, customization, integration, enablement, advancements, integration with Sales cloud, and managed services.

CloudsR Technology experts holds following certifications –  (Design with icons)

  1. Marketing Cloud Email Expert
  2. Marketing Cloud Administration
  3. Marketing Cloud Developer
  4. Marketing Cloud Consultant


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platforms

  1. Marketing Cloud Engagement – It is utilized to create a strong bond between the company and its customers by providing customized content. It aims to make customers feel appreciated at each touchpoint exchange. Marketing Cloud practitioners may use Marketing Cloud Connect to modify services to deliver engaging user experiences. It allows to send campaigns via marketing automations.
  2. Journey Builder – Using the Journey Builder, you can construct large-scale collaborative initiatives. This tool makes use of useful information derived from channel analytics, CTR estimates, and communication patterns. Marketers can simply tailor data relating to customer journeys, buyer interactions, and sales statistics for a prospective customer base of any size with Journey Builder.
  3. Personalization (Interaction Studio) – The personalised builder, as element of the Einstein architecture, may forecast analytics outcomes to produce important insights. The platform provides dashboards based on consumers’ buying preferences, allowing marketers to successfully reach out to more potential customers. Marketers may develop successful consumer engagement strategies based on the results.
  4. Creating an Audience – With a constant understanding of consumer behavior and buyer traits, this powerful tool can divide large mailing lists into manageable ones, allowing marketers to target the relevant prospects.
  5. Content Builder – The primary purpose of this cross-channel solution is content management. It saves the requested information for later use and then does secondary research using Marketing Cloud services.
  6. Analytics Builder – The Analytics Builder tool may track individual efforts as well as evaluate client activity and consumer preferences across several digital channels. It provides useful information that may be used to refine marketing objectives and optimize client journeys.
  7. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Implementation– Automate crucial marketing activities and procedures that rely on them with a few mouse clicks. It automates Lead-Flow  Pipelines, Compute Performance and Returns, Intelligently Customize Messages, Connect Marketing Tools, and Control End-to-End Operations.


Our Implementation Methodology – (Design with icons)

  1. Planning & Preparation
  2. Design
  3. Build
  4. Deployment
  5. Improvements & Scaling
  6. UAT & Go-Live


Integrations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Build and manage many parallel brands and stores.
  • Incorporate third-party analytics and complete processes
  • Analyze purchasing habits, get insights, and boost conversion
  • Consolidate data, repurpose and schedule content


Ready to customize Salesforce Marketing Cloud work for you?

Let’s talk about what we can achieve as a group.

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Community Cloud

High Expertise in Partner, Employee, & Customer Community Clouds

CloudsR Technology has created modern customer, employee, and partner portal solutions on Salesforce Community Clouds, using reusable Salesforce Lightning web components.

Our Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation and Salesforce Integration services enable us to deliver customized Salesforce Community Cloud (Customer Portals, Employee Portals, and Partner Portals) Implementation and Integration projects on time and on budget, with high user adoption.

CloudsR Technology has pledged to provide a personalized and integrated portal that will serve as an extension of their corporate identity.

Establishing contact among users via a single interactive platform

Our Community Cloud Services(Design with icons)

  1. Strategy Consulting – We help you to develop a strategy for getting the most out of Salesforce Community Cloud. Helping you accomplish community goals, finalizing the features, sketching out future community plans, and more.
  2. Development & Implementation – Our experts performs Salesforce Community Cloud implementation accurately into your custom solutions. We provide custom Salesforce Community Cloud services and create custom features, business workflows, and apps.
  3. Managed Services – Our Managed Services is a flexible, scalable, and economic solution to maintain and realize your investment — without the need to hire additional full-time, dedicated Salesforce Community Cloud employees.
  4. Staff Augmentation – Hire a full time dedicated Salesforce Community Cloud team from us.
  5. Third party enterprise application integration – We integrate Salesforce Community Cloud with third party applications and data sources.

Our Community Cloud Implementation Process(Design with icons)

  1. Discovery
  2. Branded Portals (Customer Portals, Employee Portals, and Partner Portals)
  3. Features Configuration
  4. Custom Design & Development
  5. Data Migration
  6. Reports
  7. Deployment

Service Feature Highlights (Design with icons)

In order to best demonstrate our actual potential, we provide the following Salesforce solutions and services:

  1. Convenience & Security – Our knowledgeable specialists have the necessary knowledge and abilities to deploy third-party secure logins that are specially built for authentication reasons along with social sign-on that is successful.
  2. Modular Integration – We do seamless system integration, including database integration, document management tool integration, etc., whether it is an on-premises deployment or a cloud deployment.
  3. Motivational & Playful Design Experience – We proudly created so many highly engaged Salesforce communities with incredible gamification capabilities and features

CloudsR Technology has extensive knowledge and expertise in Salesforce Community Cloud to assist your business in reaching new heights in a more expedited, optimized, and effective manner.

Our Top-Rated Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation consultants are well-versed in Salesforce Community Cloud best practices and can assist you in avoiding costly mistakes. From start to finish, you can rely on our team’s guidance and support to successfully implement your new system and take your business where it needs to go.

Are you ready to begin your Salesforce Community Cloud implementation?

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Sales Cloud

CloudsR Technology offers the most effective & result-oriented Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation services as per company’s sales requirements. Our experts has implemented a wide range of Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions for businesses from different industry verticals – Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Automotive etc.

Our Offering(Design with icons)

  1. Sales Cloud Consultation
  2. Sales Cloud Implementation
  3. Sales Cloud Customization
  4. Sales Cloud Integration
  5. Sales Cloud Migration
  6. Sales Cloud Support
  7. Sales Cloud Resources


CloudsR Technology has a team of highly experienced Salesforce Sales Cloud certified professionals with 15+ years of industry experience in the Salesforce Sales Cloud and have deep knowledge of Sales Cloud Implementation, Customization, and integration.


Salesforce Sales Cloud includes the following premium features:

  1. Predicting Sales– Salesforce Sales Cloud has Sales Forecasting tools that allow you to collect in-line editorial variations. Based on your forecasts, you may tailor projection parts and receive real-time multi-currency support.
  2. Chatter – This ingenious tool can create a completely working and well-optimized social networking connectivity platform. It contributes to the development of a completely secure platform for the team to discuss progress of work, project details, and lead information. You may verify the available resources, review work status updates, measure productivity growth, and keep all collaborators up to speed on the discussed topics.
  3. Analytics – Data Analytics generates significant data that provides a clear picture of the present situation and encourages improved decision-making. Use the group brainstorming platform to investigate the issues and provide useful reports. This aids in the investigation of unambiguous signs of your customer support, sales numbers, application performance, and third-party data. Investigate the many Analytics tools, such as those for creating tables, charts, fields, and groups.
  4. Workflow Automation & Approval– Salesforce Sales Cloud enables you to automate repetitive process tasks and business approvals. The Chatter stream provides real-time access to all forms of endorsements, product specs, product discounts, and suggestions.
  5. Other Marketing Tools and Email Integration – This functionality connects your favourite email programmes without forcing you to replace anything. When it comes to marketing tools, you may use them to build advertising campaigns, manage sales, and generate leads. You may also track and manage the results of your campaign investments.
  6. Data that matters– Use Sales Cloud to take appropriate action in crucial situations such as abrupt data leaks. You may use the highly effective Sales Cloud connections and follow prepared measures to avoid such a catastrophe. It also aids in the development of effective sales and digital advertising tactics. You may use the target files to construct marketing strategies based on your specific demands and create high-quality advertising campaigns.
  7. Opportunities & Quotes– Get the immediate highlights based on recent assignment adjustments made by team members. Access the most recent bidding expenses, quote details, tactical talks, competitive methods, and other information.

CloudsR Technology partner with you to build and deliver custom solutions to answer your unique business challenges. With the right tailored Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation project plan, Salesforce Sales Cloud can accelerate your Sales workforce productivity and improve customers’ collaboration and satisfaction.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation –  (Design with icons)

  1. Consulting
  2. Data transfer from CRM or any other system
  3. Customization
  4. Integration
  5. Testing
  6. Deployment
  7. User Training
  8. Post Implementation Support

Let’s talk about your Salesforce Sales Cloud project! Get in touch with CloudsR Technology to discuss your Salesforce Sales Cloud goals with one of our Salesforce Sales Cloud subject matter experts.

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Service Cloud

With CloudsR Technology Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Service, we strengthen your customer service agents. We offer them all the majorly tools with the help of which they can easily track the case details – history of a customer, manage dashboards, open / closed cases etc.

Salesforce Service Cloud, the finest customer service platform, provides a holistic strategy to enterprises for effortlessly improving, growing, and managing customer support services.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

  • It is a client service platform that enables rapid and effective client support.
  • It boosts agent productivity by 47%.
  • It resolves cases 31% quicker.
  • It boosts client retention by 45%.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

  1. Service Analytics– The Service Analytics template allows the team, particularly service managers and agents, to easily discover vital service data about the department and service agents using Salesforce Einstein to promote the growth of their service company.
  2. Omni Channel – It provides a smart delivery service, assisting teams in communicating with consumers through several touchpoints. Service agents may gather case facts, route client requests to the appropriate service reps, and respond quickly.
  3. Case Management – Control the Case Management Lifecycle from case creation to assignment, prioritizing, escalation, and closing. Determine the scope of the case and choose the appropriate remedies.
  4. Lightning Management Console – To have a unified customer view, use the Service Dashboard or the Lightning Service Console. Examine the dashboard panel for past client history and to manage customer situations efficiently.
  5. Telephony Integration – Connect the phone system using Salesforce Service Cloud to take advantage of a variety of capabilities such as inbound call routing and enhance consumer sales telephone service. We build a solutions to make and receive calls directly from the Salesforce interface using Salesforce CTI.
  6. Knowledge Base – The extensive information base describes service representatives to customer service agents. They may look for the answers needed to solve situations more quickly and efficiently.

Our Implementation Process(Design with icons)

  1. Service Console
  2. Build & Customize
  3. Migrate Data
  4. Case Management
  5. User Adoption
  6. Integration with other Salesforce CRM Clouds

CloudsR Technology’s trained and certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultants can help you not only with Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation, but also with customizations, integrations with other 3rd party systems, and post deployment maintenance.

What to expect from CloudsR Technology? (Design with icons)

  1. Plan
  2. Configure
  3. Deploy
  4. Enhancements
  5. Post Implementation Support

Why Salesforce Service Cloud?

  • Salesforce Service Cloud allows sales representatives to work from distant locations. Access to secure administration options (such as online applications, knowledge bases, and mobile devices) improves operational efficiency, resulting in lower agent overhead expenses.
  • The Service Cloud employs a tiered technique to safeguard critical enterprise data and assure complete information security.
  • It aids in the successful settlement of situations, allowing for more reliable administration of a person’s daily tasks and the proactive correction of human errors.
  • Customer experience and relationships are only enhanced by improving client recognition, customer happiness, client Lifetime Value (LTV) growth, and genuine word-of-mouth advertising for your organisation.
  • Real-time connection with your clients using a variety of social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.


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We offer offshore Salesforce services that are of the highest caliber and most affordable.

Our staff is committed to exceeding customer expectations while yet meeting deadlines. We offer the top solution.